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Brunoise Cut

The brunoise cut, known alternatively as the ‘fine dice,’ this technique is revered for its precision and elegance. It transforms ingredients into tiny, uniform cubes, about 1/8″ on each side.

Quarter Cut

The quarter cut involves dividing fruits and vegetables into quarters, streamlining preparation and cooking processes.

Diagonal Cut

The diagonal cut creates elongated pieces that enhance both the presentation and texture of the dish.

Rondelle Cut

The Rondelle cut, a basic yet essential technique in culinary preparation, involves slicing vegetables or fruits into uniform round pieces.

Large Dice

The large dice cut results in cubes that are approximately 3/4 inch on each side. This substantial size is ideal for dishes where the ingredients need to be noticeable and maintain their structure during cooking.

Medium Dice

The medium dice involves cutting food into cubes that are larger than a small dice but smaller than a large dice, making it a versatile cut for a wide range of dishes.

Small Dice

In culinary arts, the small dice cut is a method of cutting which transforms ingredients into small, cube-shaped pieces, which are essential for both aesthetic presentation and consistent cooking.

Baton Cut

The Baton is a technique that transforms vegetables and fruits into thick, stick-like shapes, laying the groundwork for various other cuts and culinary applications.

Julienne Cut

The Julienne cut not only enhances the visual appeal of a dish but also ensures even cooking and a delicate texture in every bite.

Batonnet Cut

This classic cut creates uniform stick-shaped pieces, and its precision plays a crucial role in cooking, ensuring even cooking times and an appealing presentation.

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